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Hello, World !

Hi, I'm Dibyendu, also known as Dev. First things first, a small intro from yours truly. To keep it brief and simple, I'm a Software Craftsmith ... half Java Junkie, half C++ worshipper and (sic:) one-third Pythonista with a dash of Ruby.

I am a second year grad student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, pursuing a Master's in Computer Science. I'm working in RACE Lab, advised by Prof. Chandra Krintz and Prof. Rich Wolski. Till quite recently I was a Software Engineering Intern at AppFolio, working on their data analytics team. Before starting graduate studies at UC Santa Barbara, I was a Software Development Engineer at McAfee in Bangalore, India.

University of California, Santa Barbara
McAfee Inc. | Intel Security
AppFolio Inc.
UCSB Computer Science
RACE Lab, UC Santa Barbara